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GSD League of Great Britain



The GSD League of Great Britain hereby establishes a firm and clear foundation within its Constitution, Rules and Regulations, for all WUSV activities which fall under the obligations and responsibilities required by the GSD League’s WUSV membership.


These obligations are contained in the Constitution of the WUSV, in particular Section 12, Duties of the member associations. Reproduced below:

Constitution of the WUSV: Section 12


Duties of the member associations

(1) The member associations are obligated to:

1. comply with the constitutions, regulations and terms of execution in the version in operation and accept decisions and resolutions of the bodies of the WUSV;


This particularly is effected by:

a) recognising the racial features of the German Shepherd as stipulated by the SV;


b) recognising the Breeding Book for German Shepherds and the Book of Selection for Breeding Purposes of the SV as mother country of the breed as well as the Breeding Books and Books of Selection for Breeding Purposes of those countries and member associations which pursue the breeding of the German Shepherd based on the provisions of the SV and are WUSV members; The mutual recognition in any case comprises all Breeding Books and Books of Selection for Breeding Purposes which are recognised by the SV. This irrespective of the recognition by cynological organisations which do not belong to the FCI; the creation of a the creation of a common Breeding Book accepted by the cynological world organisations is aspired as long-term objective;     See the full document HERE