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Useful Services - Pet Passport Scheme, The National Dog Tatto Registry  - DNA - SV Grading 

A Partnership between the German Shepherd Dog League & The British Association of German Shepherd Dogs to bring you the SV Hip Grading and DNA Scheme. If you are a member of either of the two clubs this is a golden opportunity to have all your German Shepherd dogs graded under the Official German SV Hips scheme. This grading will give an accurate indicator, Internationally recognised in the breeding standard of the German Shepherd Dog.

This important initiative has been negotiated between the German SV and the German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain to bring it in line with the WUSV aims and objectives for all their members clubs.

DNA testing is also offered to all those members that wish to be at the forefront in the accurate recording of the breeding program for their kennels.

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The National Dog Tatto Registry

It was established in 1986 and originally under the auspices od The German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain. The man behind it was Rory Frost, long time devotee of The GSD. Since the year 2000 the register has been run by Gillian Christian a friend of Rory's and also an admirer of 'the breed'. The tatto and registration was originally established to enable breeders to permanently indentify their litters of German Shepherd puppies, later it became possible to use the system to include individual dogs. In time other breeds realised the value of the scheme and wanted to become involved. In due course 'The League' passed the register over and into the sole ownership of Rory Frost.


To this day the register provides a valuable register, a system for registration and identification.

It can:


There is no need for any electronic equipment, just a turn back of the earand there it is. As you will be aware many of the tatooists are German Shepherd Breeders some of whom have experienced the value of this visible ID and its lifelong registration. Although we are well aware that the microchip is now the official form of ID for German Shepherd Dogs in Germany and elsewhere our scheme is still invaluable in the UK for which it was initially designed. We offer extremely genreous special offers to breeders,

mainly to ensure that the National Dog Tattoo Registry has all the details necessary for the rapid return of dogs to owners.


For those embarking into new territory, we wish you every success for the future:


Gillian Chritian, Registrar.

Enquiries to: PO BOX 5720,  


CO12 3SY  


Telephone: 01255-552455

Email: [email protected]