Whilst we make every endeavour to ensure the breeders listed on our directory fulfill all the recommended health tests of breeding stock and litters etc it is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify the litter/dogs details.  Please be aware that rogue breeders and scammers are operating during the pandemic and we recommend that you do not transfer/send any monies without seeing the puppies with the mother.


Your GSD League Membership now offers the option of boosting your puppy packs with GSD League membership for new owners.  Log into your membership account on membermojo.co.uk/gsdl and visit the store and order as many forms as you need.  Complete and return to membership@gsdleague.co.uk and the new owners will receive full GSD League benefits until the end of the year (unless Oct-Dec which will run until the end of the next year).  This is for new members only.